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We’re taking on the youth unemployment epidemic. New graduates and students go in search of their first work experience, only to be confronted with rejection based on their lack of said experience. It’s become a meme worthy paradox. In an effort to raise awareness and combat youth unemployment, we will be hosting Adecco Street Day events around the nation!

What’s Way to Work?

It’s focused on making a difference. Adecco employees all over the nation will roll up their sleeves, get out into the communities where they work, and provide free career advice. Adecco believes that the right to work is universal!  That’s why our colleagues around the U.S. will be taking to the streets armed with tips on how you can improve upon the hard and soft skills that today’s businesses and hiring managers are demanding.

The Youth (Un)Employment Pandemic

As the world experiences sluggish economic growth, the issue of youth unemployment is becoming more apparent. Though unemployment has impacted many different people in the United States, youth joblessness figures are more than double that of the national unemployment rate. In August of 2016 the BLS reported a rate of 11.5% among 16-24 year olds– compared to the national unemployment rate of 4.8 percent.

The lack of opportunity for young people is a problem, and we are here to help!

We’re Beating Unemployment with Adecco Street Day?

We’re bringing to life what we do. As the best staffing and recruiting experts on the planet, we know how to connect you to the right opportunities. Thousands of American workers, in almost every industry and profession, rely on us for career advice. So, keep your eyes peeled in March and April! We’ll be hosting events nationwide aimed at giving first time jobseekers the tools they need to succeed in the workforce.

As a taste for what it’s like, those in attendance at UF’s Reitz Student Union on March 15th, will have the opportunity to access useful career tips and resume advice. Local businesses will be on hand to offer on-the-spot summer internships and participants will have the chance to apply for our coveted CEO for One Month (paid) summer internship. We hope to see you there, or at one of our other Street Day events across the country!

Want more details? Check out our Way to Work page to learn more!

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