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administrative professionals day

Wednesday the 26th is Administrative Professionals Day and we have something controversial to say about it. We think it’s a little silly. Our administrative professionals definitely deserve appreciation, but we believe Administrative Professionals Day is everyday!

We want you to celebrate year-round by showing genuine and consistent appreciation. These three behaviors can make a lasting impact on the personal and professional lives of administrative professionals.

1. Celebrate Milestones

The nature of administrative support positions can make it easy for their accomplishments, anniversaries and birthdays to be overlooked.

  • Create a calendar of the important events in the lives of the administrative professionals on the team. Include birthdays, work anniversary’s and/ or graduations.
  • Acknowledge milestones with cards, small gifts, or just meaningful conversation.
  • Share these moments with the larger team via social media, shared office spaces or e-mail.

2. Recognize Exceptional Performance

Many administrative professionals regularly go above and beyond the duties outlined in a job description to ensure that things run smoothly. Be aware of these moments.

  • Include administrative professional in existing employee recognition programs
  • Offer extra PTO, longer lunches or shorter days after the conclusion of particularly exhausting projects.
  • When appropriate, share accomplishments with the larger team

3. Offer Opportunities for Advancement

A great way to show appreciation is to offer clear opportunities for career development. Ask your administrative professionals what they want from their career and help them achieve it.

  • Tell high performers about internal job postings.
  • Send those who need more training to professional development seminars
  • Offer more flexible hours for admin professionals who are enrolled in classes
  • Create a map of their potential career paths through the company

You don’t need to wait for the 26th to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day. Do it everyday and show them you really care.


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