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Increased Demand Fueling Wage Increases for Truck Drivers

While most industries have managed to spring back into action despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing far-reaching disruption, the effects of social distancing and lockdowns are still seen in many sectors. The shipping and transportation sector was slowed down to a steady crawl in 2020 as social distancing and lockdowns hit, and as the industry has […] Read Article “Increased Demand Fueling Wage Increases for Truck Drivers”

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Staffing Trends within the Automotive Industry

As we investigate the future of the automotive industry, it’s clear with technology developing and changing, the industry will continue to evolve with this impact. With additions such as automation, electric vehicles and many other automotive-related updates, the industry will continue to adjust and adapt. Massive technology-driven disruption, intensified by COVID-19, has accelerated the pace […] Read Article “Staffing Trends within the Automotive Industry”