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Emma Preuschl and Gabe Gardener working in the Team USA Career Program

Often I get asked, why in the world do elite athletes need jobs?  Aren’t they all on cereal boxes, have big-money sponsors, and financially set for life?

For the majority of US Olympic and Paralympic athletes, nothing could be further from the truth.  Of course there are the few superstars everyone knows like Bruce Jenner, Michael Phelps, and Lindsey Vonn…but for every athlete that becomes a household name and makes it to the cereal aisle in your local grocery store, you have hundreds of others in lesser known sports struggling to balance their training while paying their bills.

Athletes like gold medal volleyball player Gabe Gardener, silver medal Paralympic rower Emma Preuschl and four-time ice hockey Olympic medalist Jenny Potter, are all currently gaining job experience and a steady paycheck in the Team USA Career ProgramThey are some of our superstars!  Gabe is a Stanford graduate and fluent in three languages, Emma is a registered dietitian working in her field, and Jenny is a mother of two and the Captain of the 2010 US Women’s Ice Hockey team at the Vancouver Olympic Games.

Many athletes grow up practicing sports and while most of them graduate from college, typically they postpone their entry into the traditional workforce because training to represent the United States on the world’s largest stage is a full-time job!  Therefore, they are often 6-8 years behind their peers when it comes to job experience and years in the workforce. That’s where Adecco comes in.  By providing athletes an avenue to get career experience WHILE training for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, athletes are better able to fulfill their dreams, inspire the world, and have a smoother transition into the traditional working world when they retire from their sport.

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