Celebrating National Staffing Employee Week: Sept. 15-21

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On any given day, Adecco connects more than 70,000 talented workers to the best job opportunities across the country. We know just how hard our Associates work and how much time they spend in the workplace. That’s why we want to make sure they have the right position at the right company, as well as the resources to realize their career goals. During National Staffing Employee Week – and every week – we wish our Associates abundant success as Adecco temporary and contract workers. 

What is National Staffing Employee Week?

Organizations big and small work with staffing companies to find skilled contract and temporary workers to fill positions in a myriad of fields and sectors. National Staffing Employee Week was established by the American Staffing Association to honor the millions of Americans who are employed by staffing firms, and is held September 15-21 this year.

Every day in America, there are roughly 2.98 million workers employed by staffing companies. In a year, more than 11 million temporary and contracts workers are employed by staffing companies in the United States. The ASA also reports 79 percent of temporary employees often work full-time; 35 hours per week or more.

Temporary workers have been contributing to the economy for decades, and employers seeking qualified staff are increasingly looking into staffing companies to fill their needs. It should also be noted that the staffing industry generated a staggering $122 billion in sales in 2013 alone.

Which Industries Employ the Most Temporary & Contract Workers?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and information technology, as well as other professional service industries such as finance and insurance services, business services, healthcare, and legal services are the primary sectors employing contract workers.

While a major portion of the available jobs for temporary workers are in the manufacturing sector, an increasing number of other industries go the contractual route on a daily basis. Forbes lists office clerks, customer service representatives, nursing aides, maintenance workers, and sales representatives as some of the most popular temp positions.

Obviously, more specialized sectors such as engineering, science, computer sciences, and chemistry also employ temporary workers – and not only for clerical work. There are highly skilled workers with graduate degrees that still prefer to work contractually as it provides them with more flexibility and the opportunity to research multiple organizations before settling into a permanent position.

Why is temporary employment important for our economy?

Temporary employment plays a crucial role in our economy, not only for new immigrants and individuals who simply prefer the flexibility of contract work, but also for the invaluable opportunities it provides to experience new and different industries. It allows individuals to access the workforce and gain invaluable knowledge.

Contract and temporary positions also give employees the opportunity to have better work-life balance and better manage their responsibilities and expectations. More and more American workers seek positions that are more adapted to their unique family obligations. Some want to retire progressively, some want to pursue higher education while still making a decent living and others seek temporary employment to gain more experience or to test the waters in a particular field.

Let’s not forget that some contract workers are also referred to as freelancers. Many of them prefer temp work as it can offer more freedom for them. Some work from home and manage a client base and large projects of astonishing scope.

Celebrating National Staffing Employee Week

Do you know people close to you that work as temps? Are you a contract worker? Are you employing temp workers? Please take a moment to pay tribute to the millions of American temporary workers out there. They contribute to our economy in more ways than we can imagine.

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