5 Ways to Celebrate the Military Spouse at Work

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It’s almost Military Spouse Appreciation Day! No, we didn’t make that up. The Friday before Mother’s Day was nationalized as “Military Spouse Appreciation Day” by President Reagan in 1984. Why?

For every married active duty military member serving our country, there is a military spouse serving too. Their sacrifices come in the form of multiple relocations, career restarts, long deployments, raising children with a remote partner, and volunteer commitments. Spouses directly improve military readiness by absorbing the whirlwind of tasks and distractions that accompany “normal” life. Being a military spouse means embracing ambiguity while remaining flexible. No small feat!

We want to encourage each employer to do a little something for their military spouses today!

Write a “Thank You” note

It may seem like a no-brainer, but I asked quite a few spouses for their input. Everyone thought a hand written note or email was the best way to express understanding and appreciation for the demands placed on the lives of military spouse’s. A simple “Thank You” note goes a long way to enrich their professional life.

Recognize the day on Social media

Do you have an active social presence? Is military appreciation important to your company’s culture? If the answer is yes, use social media to recognize military spouses across your organization and around the country. Ask your manager’s and influencers to share on their channels.

Facilitate an Employee Resource Group

For organizations looking to develop their organization’s culture while supporting their employees, Employee resource groups (ERG’s) are simple and effective. Facilitate a resource group specifically for military spouses. Don’t group spouses with veterans and make sure a military spouse is coordinating.

Host a luncheon

Nothing brings people together quite like food. Whether you work in a Fortune 500 with 20 military spouses or a smaller office that employs one spouse, host a lunch! Prepare a few words acknowledging your employees’ commitments. When possible, invite their military service member to take part. A luncheon will not only fill their bellies but feed their spirits, too.

Give your military spouse a break

What better way to show a hard working military spouse you appreciate them than by helping them take a load off! A gift certificate for a relaxing activity or a few extra hours of PTO is the perfect way to show that you understand the pressure of their daily lives.

For generations, military spouses have been beacons of strength for their families. So it is fitting that once a year, these silent heroes earn a day to recognize the grit and resourcefulness they demonstrate on the home front.

Please, be a military spouse friendly employer this year by taking the time to honor your employees on Friday, May 6th. Whether you incorporate one of the ideas listed here or create your own, we would like to hear about it. Share with us on twitter @adeccousa.

The Adecco Military Alliance wants to help develop military spouses. Learn more about how you can help too.

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