CEO for One Month: Thoughts on Preparation

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In June, I had the honor of serving as the CEO for One Month of Adecco Group North America. Beyond my month-long journey, I had the opportunity to compete against 49 other CEO’s of different countries with the prospect of securing a spot at the global boot camp and becoming the Global CEO for One Month.

With diligence and commitment, I secured a spot at the global boot camp and am now 1 of 10 contenders competing to be Global CEO for One Month. I’m honored and thrilled to compete for this opportunity, as well as excited to go up against such resilient competitors.

So, how does one prepare for the unknown activities and adventures that lie ahead? Mental preparation. I prepare mentally by being in the right headspace and understanding the spontaneous challenges and obstacles that are to come. I’ll reflect on the CEO for One Month North America Boot Camp and draw knowledge from my strengths in that competition.

Expect the unexpected and stay calm! I work my best and my smartest when I remain calm and humble. This opportunity only comes around once in a lifetime, so while it’s easy to get worked up and over think the process, staying calm, humble, and respecting the process keeps me in the right mindset. Be authentic. Whether you’re gregarious, timid, enthusiastic, or composed, be true to who you are. Your authentic personality will shine through!

One of my favorite memories from the CEO for One Month North America boot camp was on the final day of the competition. We had a yoga lesson on the beach at sunrise and afterwards we were led to believe that we were simply sitting through meetings for the remainder of the day. To our surprise, we were brought into a room and told that we had one hour to prepare a group presentation from scratch and present it to a board of CEOs and presidents within Adecco. By this point in the boot camp, I learned to expect the unexpected.

Although I was initially shocked by the news, I stayed calm, mentally prepared for the presentation, and put my best foot forward to present to the board. Taking control of my actions and emotions to deliver my final presentation is what helped secure my spot as the CEO for One Month of North America. In moving forward to the Global CEO for One Month boot camp, I will utilize my mental strengths, be my authentic self, and be ready for every challenge that presents itself.

My adventure starts on September 4th, and I’d love to share my journey with everyone! Please follow me on my social media accounts. Make sure to use the hashtag #CourtneyforCEO and/or #CEO1Month.

Twitter: @lanechange14

Instagram: @courtneyberger14

And also at: @AdeccoUSA and @AdeccoGroupNA

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