College Students: Line Up Your Summer Job Over Holiday Break

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For college students, there’s no place like home for the holidays. And there could well be no better time to line up your next summer job.

Think about it. The extended winter break offered by most colleges and universities provides an ideal opportunity to find a job that would be a great fit six months from now.

For starters, you’re getting a huge jump on the competition. You also won’t have to hunt for a job in the thick of your spring semester when you likely have major projects and upcoming finals. And starting the summer job hunt now increases the chances that you will have more options, allowing you to pick the right job for you.

Here are some smart strategies to make it happen.

Do your research.

First step – decide what you want out of your summer job. Maybe you’re looking for more experience in your chosen career. Or the opportunity to make as much money as possible. Or maybe it’s an adventure or fresh experience you’re after. Whatever the case, do some research up front to figure out what opportunities might be available and whether you have the skills and experience necessary to land a position.

Check the ‘help wanted’.

Employers that are looking for extra help during the holidays may well need it again come summer. Follow up on ads in the newspaper or online. You may end up getting a job that makes you a few extra bucks over the winter break and also locks you in as a proven performer for a summer job. If you do get a winter break position and like it, be sure to make it known you want to continue in the summer — and try to written confirmation that you’re in.

Tap a staffing agency. 

No one has a better line on the current and upcoming job market than experienced staffing agency professionals. Connecting with a reputable agency over winter break can be the best approach toward identifying the roles that would be a good fit come summer. And once you’re on an agency’s radar you’ll be considered for jobs that emerge throughout the spring months. Make sure to develop an ongoing relationship with a staffing agency and keep in regular contact.

Be bold. 

Depending on the type of business or organization, things can slow down considerably around the holidays, particularly the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Business executives or managers who typically wouldn’t have the time to meet with you or take your call may be more open to a conversation — and the holiday season might have them feeling charitable with their time and advice. Identify some professionals in an organization where you’d like to work and try to make the connection. One obvious warning: the holidays are extra busy for some lines of work such as retail, so be prudent about contacting a professional who might be swamped.

Make the re-connections. 

The holidays are a great time to reconnect with old friends, family, neighbors and co-workers – and each one of them may be the ticket to a great summer job. Don’t be pushy, but let them see your ambition by letting them know you are hoping to get a jump on the summer job hunt.


Whether you’re promised a position or not, make sure you follow up with anyone you connected with as part of your job search. The pace of business moves at lightening speed these days and a lot can change in the time between winter break and summer. Conditions may change that could put a position you were promised at risk. On the other hand, opportunities may open up where they didn’t previously exist. The only way you will know is with follow-up emails or calls.

Truly, there is no better gift that you could give yourself this winter break than the peace of mind and confidence knowing that you have a great summer job lined up. With a little bit of planning and effort you can make it happen.

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