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Two weeks ago the biggest sporting event of the year began in London bringing in people from all over the world. Thousands of athletes have been training intensely for this global competition. However, they’re not the only ones who have been dedicating time and resources to fitness; as part of Corporate Social Responsibility practices, many companies have started wellness programs to promote better health among their employees and communities.

Under Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, businesses hold themselves accountable for their impact on employees, consumers, communities, and the world. CSR has been spreading since the second half of the twentieth century, and corporations have pursued this philosophy through increased employee benefits and training, community service, charitable donations, safer or more energy-efficient products, and environmentalism. It is typically seen as an important part of a sustainable business model; whether by limiting pollution and use of natural resources, developing the communities in which a business operates, or improving employee health and morale, CSR can help corporations conserve resources and maintain production levels and sales.

With so much media attention on America’s obesity epidemic, many companies have stepped up to improve colleague health and wellness. Regular exercise can help reduce stress levels, and being in shape makes one less likely to suffer from depression or sleep disorders. These contribute to better work performance as well as a better quality of life; the reduced risk of heart disease and other medical conditions also dramatically improve people’s lives.

Adecco’s Win4Youth program seeks to combine the health benefits of exercise, the morale-boosting effects of workplace social events, and community development through philanthropy. Offices across North America and worldwide have united to run, bike, and swim to raise money for local and international charities. Overall, it is an effective way to include Adecco’s corporate employees in the socially responsible Better Work, Better Life philosophy they apply to their job placement candidates. Under this initiative, Adecco provides life skills classes and career development to make people more employable and help them meet their professional and personal goals. Through Better Work, Better Life and Win4Youth, Adecco is seeking to build a better workforce, both for themselves and their clients, and is addressing global issues of health and poverty.

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  1. I think the Win4Youth program should include the families (spouses and children) of Adecco employees. This way it promotes better health for all that are truly involved with Adecco. Also it would allow families to share in the charitable experience together. I don’t think there is a better way to show “Adecco” children what their parents are apart of and how it not only affects them directly but the world.

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