Enhance Your Company Culture With Corporate Social Responsibility

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In today’s working world, people tend to throw around the term “corporate social responsibility” with no abandon. It makes you wonder if the words have lost their meaning. Or maybe they’ve just evolved?

Does it come in the form of holiday charity drives or a walk for a cure? Or is it more about go-green initiatives and environmental sustainability (smaller carbon footprint!)? Or maybe it means donating large chunks of money or time to worthy causes in faraway places?

Or maybe you’re still trying to define CSR for your company?

Defining your CSR

Did you know that your organization’s CSR policy influences your company culture and vice versa? And not only that – the way that other companies and jobseekers view you is impacted as well.

Think of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. They’re known for their strides in sustainability – using only fair trade ingredients in their ice cream. Just knowing that, I would guess that they treat their employees pretty well and I (personally) would prefer to do business with them to a company that does make social responsibility a priority. It may seem simple, but the positive impacts are innumerable.

In this way, your CSR strategies can affect your recruitment, retention – and even your bottom line.

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