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Digital marketing jobs are hot for 2014, with plenty of employers seeking to strengthen their online and mobile sales, reputation and content.

In September 2013, there was a 19% jump in posted digital marketing jobs, compared to the previous September. Within the broad spectrum of digital marketing, some specific skills are in particular demand. Here are the most sought-after skills and how to attain them:

SEO: Organizations need to cut through the massive clutter of the online world and connect with customers and the public. The most effective and cost efficient way to do that is through search engine optimization, or SEO, which helps enhance the chances of targeted audiences seeing your content. Develop essential skills such as using optimal keywords, linking effectively, and smart Web writing. Check out these Top 15 SEO blogs to help you get started utilizing these crucial practices.

Analytics: Faced with so much data and information, companies often don’t know how to best target their dollars and resources. That’s where digital analytics come in. Digital pros well-versed in analytics can mine data to identify the best information available to inform decision-making. Google has developed Analytics Academy, a robust resource that provides plenty of free information to help you develop and hone analytics skills.

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn — participating on these social media sites may be second nature to you. If that’s the case, you can leverage your skills to help organizations connect with customers or supporters. Social media continues to be a growing part of many companies’ digital marketing strategies.  When it comes to marketing you need to know how to use social media to effectively connect with an audience, but not turn them off with a hard sell. This article, 10 Skills of the Ultimate Social Media Marketing Monster, provides a great place to start if you want to break into social media marketing.

E-mail marketing: With all the hype about social media, e-mail is sometimes viewed as old-school. Yet, e-mail remains a highly effective and inexpensive way for organizations to reach targeted audiences. Companies are hungry for pros that have mastered the technique of delivering compelling content to the right customers at the right time. offers great resources and seminars that explain e-mail and other digital marketing approaches, and help you develop your skills.

Mobile marketing: Mobile marketing draws on the skills required for social media and e-mail marketing, but requires an understanding on how to most effectively connect with mobile devices, where people now spend nearly 40 % of their Internet time. Developing skills in app-based and in-game marketing will go a long way to making you marketable to employers. This blog post from Word Stream marketing provides solid information on what mobile marketing is, and some of the skills required to master it.

The high-tech age is certainly here to stay– and the good news is you most likely have many of the basic skills required to succeed in the digital marketing space. By focusing your efforts on developing some of the hottest digital marketing skills, you can take a big step toward a challenging and rewarding career path.

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