Beyond the Resume: How To Present Yourself In The Digital World

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Like nearly every facet of society, today’s job market has undeniably been influenced by technology and social media. Not long ago, presenting oneself to a potential employer was a matter of having a polished resume, a strong network, and experience to speak to. Today, applicants and job seekers must work with a number of other elements that can either hinder or help their job search process. These newer platforms and methods of representation should be kept up to date and should reflect positively on your background and character. Here are a few tips for presenting yourself in the digital world that go beyond the resume.

In general, it is best to completely avoid “linear” representation and approach the abundance of digital platforms as an opportunity – looking for ways to represent yourself to potential employers on these platforms. In the least, make sure that your social presence doesn’t cost you a job opportunity! A few easy things to do to update your digital presence include:

Create an online portfolio

Thanks to blogging and website platforms like WordPress and Squarespace, it is easier than ever to create a professional looking portfolio or website in a day or less. These are relatively inexpensive ways to portray yourself through blogging and other media – but you don’t have to be a blogger to have an online portfolio. Simply creating a polished landing page that links to your resume and social platforms and introduces you in a summary-style format is helpful for employers – and shows that you are serious about your work.

Share content that pertains to the field you are focused on

A great way to start sharing content (via Twitter or Facebook in particular), is to set up an account with Feedly, or a similar content curation platform. Feedly allows you to collect articles, blog posts, and other content that you care about – and share it in an easy way. You’ll be surprised how often Twitter is used to verify an individual’s engagement within their field and set of interests.

Update your LinkedIn profile

It may sound simple, but be sure that you are updating your LinkedIn profile regularly to reflect your work. Many people underutilize LinkedIn because they don’t realize the different capabilities it has for sharing information. By joining professional groups, adding any publications or projects you’ve contributed to, or causes that you care about – your profile will become more robust and representative of who you are.

Monitor your Facebook activity

Most people present their most personal content via Facebook or Instagram. Make sure that your privacy settings are set up to ensure that potential employers can only access posts that you are comfortable with them seeing.

Get involved with a project outside of work. If you are passionate about a hobby or cause, find a way to get involved and share your involvement on your portfolio and social platforms. Exhibiting that you are an engaged individual can go a long way, and it’s a great way to network with new people.

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