The 5 Hottest Marketing Jobs

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The digital age – the Internet, social media and mobile technology – has spawned a revolution in the field of marketing. Organizations are looking to connect with their customers, stakeholders and supporters in new and different ways – and they aim to do it in the most strategic and cost-efficient manner as possible. The result has been plenty of new opportunities for job seekers. Here are five of the hottest marketing jobs for 2014 and beyond.

Content marketing specialist 

Content marketing is all the rage these days, and it requires Web-savvy content creators to drive the engine. Content specialists write articles, create graphics and polls aimed at engaging an audience, and, ultimately, change or enhance consumer behavior. Content marketing is focused on sharing useful information rather than making a hard advertising sell. Content specialists require solid writing, blogging and social media skills, as well as a working knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist 

A critical component of successful marketing is to get noticed and remain top of mind with your target audience as well as potential customers and prospects. To do that consistently in the digital age requires pros that understand search engine optimization (SEO). SEO specialists tailor content, graphics and other information in ways that align with search engine algorithms to create better rankings and more visibility on the Web. According to, specialists need to have knowledge of html, understanding of link development and strong language and content skills.

Digital analytics specialist

Companies want to make sure they’re spending their time and money saying the right thing to the right audience at the right time. Enter the digital analytics specialist who has the expertise to identify and assess information so they can feed their insights and findings to marketing partners who can then optimize customer communications and brand placements. The job requires experience in web analytics, metric reporting tools, database analysis, and technical aptitude matched with strategic thinking.

Social media strategist

It no longer cuts it to simply create a Facebook page or start tweeting away on Twitter. Successful organizations looking to develop and strengthen relationships with customers or stakeholders need a strategic and thoughtful approach to social media. Social media strategists must be well versed in all aspects and nuances of social media, while also possessing the strategic skills to develop and execute a comprehensive approach to most effectively using social media to promote a brand or further a cause.

Online community manager

As an organization grows an online and social media marketing presence, it needs someone to manage the ongoing “conversation” with customers. The online community manager is the voice of the brand online, working via social networks, but also through message boards, forums, e-mail groups and Website comment sections. Their job is to create relationships, increase brand loyalty, pull in more traffic and maximize all social media efforts. Effective online managers possess strong customer service and relationship skills, are good problem solvers, and can write quickly and effectively.

These and a wide range of other roles represent strong opportunities for job seekers as more employers invest in online marketing, social media and relationship building rather than traditional advertising. If you focus on developing solid digital skills, your services should be in demand well into the future.

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