How to Gain and Retain Top Healthcare Workers

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Today’s healthcare landscape is in an interesting position. Recently, open positions have begun to outnumber those who are seeking employment, making it more important than ever to gain and retain talent. With many of the baby boomer generation aging out of healthcare, experienced, talented healthcare professionals are a hot commodity. In August alone, the healthcare employment rose by 33,000 jobs. Healthcare facilities need to have a plan to gain and retain top healthcare talent to ensure that they can give their patients the care they need and deserve. But how do you hire – and keep – the people that you want?

Offer Competitive Salaries

First and foremost, appealing to the pocketbook of the top talent in healthcare is always a sure start. Though the fundamental basis of working in the medical field is a wonderful thing, having a solid base salary is always a draw to consider a position. Be sure that you are up to date on the latest salary trends for the positions that you need to fill and that you are offering a competitive salary range that will attract the kind of healthcare providers that you want. When coming up with your offer, a few things you should consider are the amount of experience, as well as your geographical location. In addition to a base salary, an added bonus structure may be something to contemplate.

Include Attractive Benefits

Offering great benefits is also important to getting the right people in your positions and keeping them there. Be sure to offer a decent personal time off package for your employees, with flexible scheduling options that they can work with. Good insurance and investment programs for retirement can also be a draw for some, especially when they are the main breadwinner in their home. If you’re courting a potential employee and they are leaning toward another position, find out what benefits they are providing that are influencing the decision and see what you can do.

Create a Positive Work Environment

Keeping a great healthcare professional takes a lot of work as well. With so many available positions, it’s important to stay diligent in creating a great place to work to ensure your turnover rates stay low. A big factor when it comes to retention is making sure your employees are happy and motivated . No one wants to come to work at a place that they are unhappy, uncomfortable, or unappreciated. Make sure that morale in your facility stays high and that employees are not engaging in gossip, laziness, or other negative traits.

Communicate Regularly to Gauge Work Climate

Check in with each of your employees from time to time or have a designated supervisor do so.
Whether they be a medical assistant, pharmacist or any other position, communication is key. Regular communication will help you keep on top of employee satisfaction and allow you to see any potential issues. In addition, many employees appreciate transparency and like to know the direction the organization is moving in. Open lines of communication can mean the difference between keeping your best physician’s assistant or heading back to the hiring lines and starting from scratch.
Though there are more opportunities out there, you can definitely make your organization one that attracts some of the best healthcare talent in the country. You simply need to know what your ideal employee wants and create a salary package and work environment that lines up with their needs. And be sure to stay connected with your top talent so that you can make sure that your efforts to retain them are in line with their shifting needs.



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