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The summer is almost here, and if you are looking for summer jobs, we wanted to let you know about some exciting opportunities that will make you money and make you happy, too!

We work with some of the largest and most successful automotive companies in the world, including Honda, and right now we are recruiting for summer jobs across the country. This is a tremendous opportunity to earn great pay, gain valuable experience and jumpstart your career.

Check out the summer jobs we have available and apply now

But don’t take our word for it. Check out some employee testimonials and see why Adecco Automotive offers one of the best summer jobs you can have!

It’s summer work that will prepare you for a lifetime of success.

“I have been working at [Honda] through Adecco for 3½ years. During that time, I have been provided many opportunities to further enhance my skills through continual, ongoing training. My work environment affords me the luxury of learning through online classes and seminars, as well as an excellent on-site support staff through Adecco. The on-site reps are always willing to offer support and guidance… Through Adecco, I have the flexibility of directing my career path to that of my choosing, with a support team second to none!”
– Kim S

You will get hands-on work experience at a world-class company.

“The company itself is one of the leading companies in the auto industry and it is always striving to become better… The training and the work experience that I have gained is top notch.”
– Kim C

“I love working for Honda because the company has a wonderful staff and provides excellent goals for their associates. There’s always something new to learn here!”
– D’Nae U

You will learn from the best in the business.

“Over the years I have worked under some wonderful managers and they were very patient and helpful in teaching me the tools of the trade so to speak… To tell you I have learned so much would be an understatement. I appreciate working under a very professional, wonderful branch manager and consider myself very blessed to have a job, a job with Adecco.”
– Marian Z

Adecco will have your back as you move forward.

“I knew from the moment my interviewer walked into the lobby to greet me that this job opportunity would the perfect match; not only am I a person who thrives off of challenging work and new opportunities, I care a lot about great team relationships. Throughout my interview process, I knew beyond the shadow of doubt that I wanted to work for this man. I had another pending opportunity when I received an offer from Adecco for the position, but the warm spirit of my interviewer and the nature of the work made the decision thoughtless. It was a natural fit.

Over these few months, my job has proven to be as awesome as my first impression suggested it would be. Not only do I have a chance to use my skill set, do work that I love, and learn much as I go, I also have the opportunity to work for amazing people who appreciate my contributions. I work for people who have good attitudes, value the people around them, and take great pride in their work and their company.

My entire hiring process with Adecco has been one that has been enjoyable and life changing, and I will forever be grateful for this placement. I do not know if there could have existed a more perfect fit for me. I am humbled and thankful every day for this opportunity. I look forward to great opportunities ahead!”
– Cheri S

You’ll do valuable summer work and be valued for it.

“Working here at Honda is different than many other places that I have worked before because you are welcomed as a valued team member and not just a temporary. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and will be commended for a job well-done.”
– Kim C

Get a great summer job now!

Summer is a long season, so you should find summer work that has proven to deliver job satisfaction and happiness time and time again.

Before the season arrives, secure your position with Honda and other great companies. Check out the summer jobs we have available and apply now. 

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