Hire military spouses! Turn employment barriers into strengths

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It’s Military Appreciation Month and very nearly Veteran’s Day. So this week, Adecco is looking to hire military. We aren’t just talking about the soldiers that keep us safe. We’re talking about the spouses that have their backs! The MilSpouse.

Did you know that the unemployment rate for military spouses is 12%? That’s higher than nearly any other group of active job seekers! Think military spouses just aren’t looking? Think again. The 2013 Military Spouse Employment Survey revealed that 55% of spouses “need” work, while 90% “want” it. Even employed military spouses, often take jobs they are grossly overqualified for.

So where is the disconnect?

How Milspouse challenges become strengths.

Let’s paint a picture of the average military spouse. Ninety-five percent of spouses are women. Those women are likely caring for an average of two children. Now add frequent moves as well as a traveling partner and you have a recipe for employment barriers.

A military schedule

Every move the US Military makes is precise and well orchestrated, but this means that every active duty military member and their spouses are subject to the schedule of the United States of America. This translates frequent resignations for military spouses that are not employed by the Department of Defense.

Makes a milspouse strong because…

Never fear! Companies with remote opportunities can benefit from the military schedule. Military spouses are more likely to be loyal and work hard for a company who can employ them no matter where they move.

An absent partner

What happens what your partner is gone? You are now responsible for managing the entire household. Managing an inflexible full-time job, household chores and the schedule of children can be mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. Depending on your particular set of circumstances, it might even be impossible.

Makes a milspouse strong because…

The ability to collaboratively set a flexible work schedule is a benefit that several companies are offering to supplement salary increases. This means the needs of military spouses are in line with the needs of the general population. Companies who hire military spouses are getting reputable candidates, who are part of an organization that prides itself on success and are connected to dozens of other quality candidates.


Seventy percent of military spouses have received, at least, some college credit. We have not even mentioned their years of experience. Their resumes often contain shorter employment histories and thus, lower job titles than their experience reflects. With such a competitive job market, military spouses often end up overqualified and underpaid.

Makes a milspouse strong because…

In today’s market, where employee loyalty is down and turnover is up, hire military spouses to unlock an untapped resource. Right now, several companies are looking for talent in what is an incredible talent shortage. Military spouses often have the expertise but need help obtaining local licenses and navigating the local job market. With just a little effort to bridge the gap, you could find the talent you’re looking for.

Remote locales

Many military bases are in remote or semi-remote locations. The job market near bases can be extremely limited. This interacts with the issue of overqualification. It is unlikely that a spouse with an advanced degree will want to work at the local grocery store, which may be the area’s number one employer.

Makes a milspouse strong because…

Once again, if you are looking to flexibly upgrade your team, hire military spouses. Bringing a milspouse on as a consultant gives you access to their knowledge when necessary.  Milspouses benefit from flexible job opportunities that adequately compensate them for their skillet.

Ready to #HireAMilspouse?!

We think you get the picture now. So what are we going to do about it? We know a thing or two about finding flexible work. We help connect military spouses with full and part time job opportunities in markets throughout the United States. Please check our the Adecco Military Alliance page and see how Adecco can help connect military spouses and employers to each other.

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