Hiring increased within a majority of the nation’s largest sectors

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According to the BLS’ most recent “The Employment Situation” report, private sector hiring was not as extensive in August as it was in July, as the sector created 33,000 fewer jobs.

Despite the decline in overall private sector hiring, many of the nation’s largest sectors, and, generally, steadiest employers, continued to add more workers to the national economy.

The following sectors, ranging from healthcare to retail trade, hired new employees last month –

  • Finance: After only 1,000 new jobs were generated in July, hiring increased considerably in August, as the sector added 7,000 positions to the national economy. Most of the hiring occurred in industries like investment and securities.
  • Healthcare: As anticipated, the sector reported significant employment gains in August, as the sector hired 16,700 new employees last month. Ambulatory health care services hiring remained high, as the industry hired 14,200 professionals.
  • Information: For the second consecutive month, the sector reported a jobs gain in August, as 3,000 Americans were hired within the industry. The publishing, motion picture, and data processing industries hired a majority of the freshly employed workers.
  • Leisure and Hospitality: Unsurprisingly, the sector once again reported significant rises in hiring last month – 34,000 in all. As usual, food services and drinking places conducted most of the hiring, generating approximately 28,000 new jobs.
  • Professional and Business Services: Hiring remained robust in August, as the sector added 28,000 new positions to the national economy. Employment mainly occurred in professional and technical services, including accounting, engineering, and computer systems design.
  • Retail Trade: Since 5,400 jobs were lost in June, the industry has added an average of 6,400 new jobs per month, including 6,100 in August.

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