Hiring Mature Workers

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Now, more than ever, might be the right time to add a mature worker to your team.

There are many benefits to hiring someone with plenty of workforce experience; chief-among them are problem-solving ability, maturity, motivation, and seasoned communication skills.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about mature workers; in reality, hiring a mature employee can add an extra dimension of skills, diversity and experience to your workforce.

Benefits of Hiring a Mature Worker

Known quantity: Since mature workers come with a work history, you have access to background checks as well as information about their careers. You have the ability to vet their profile more quickly and efficiently than other potential candidates.

Writing Skills: Basic skills like spelling and grammar can be lost on the younger set. A study conducted by SHRM and AARP showed that 51% of human resource professionals felt spelling and grammar were two of the biggest skills that are a strength of the older generation and is something younger people were lacking.

Connections: Many organizations are finding that older employees are able to bring a level of credibility and comfort to clients, both existing and new.

Communication: After years of navigating various workplace landscapes, older employees have most likely developed a knack for diplomacy as well as clearly and concisely sharing their thoughts.

Cost Savings: Finally, this demographic tends to be more loyal to a company than younger workers. Long-term retention can save you money, time and help increase efficiency.

False Assumptions

Unfortunately, there’s a negative connotation around placing these candidates, and, many of the reasons companies say no to older employees are just not true.

Three of the most common false assumptions about mature workers include:

  • they demand more pay
  • they lack physical stamina
  • they don’t understand technology

Reading these statements should sound absurd. Each has less to do with age and more to do with individual work ethic and shouldn’t preclude a hiring manager from considering someone

To Sum Up…

Adding a mature worker to your team can come with a lot of benefits so don’t get caught up in some of the myths surrounding this group. Interview each person with an open mind and make a hire that will benefit your company the most in the long run.

At Adecco,¬†we understand the value¬†that mature workers bring to a company and view their experience as a stepping stone for continued success. If you’re a looking to work with Adecco, get started by signing up here. Find a local branch and speak with a recruiter today!

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