How Music Saved My Commute to Work

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Walk to Work by Sam Holland on Grooveshark

Happy Monday faithful readers! Let’s kick off the week with something fun, shall we?

Like many of you, I am at the mercy of public transit to get to work every day. Trains, cars, buses and even pedestrian routes can be loud, smelly and fraught with equipment issues&#8212at least here in New York City. Between the commuter rail, subway and foot paths I’ve come up with a number of ways to cope with the stress of actually having to get here.

While successful methods include reading, sleeping, and playing angry birds on my phone, the biggest lifesaver is my “walk to work” playlist. I just pop in those headphones and zone out for 52 glorious minutes. Before I know it I’ve got my giant iced coffee and am happily typing away at my desk.

Check out a sample of what I’m currently listening* to and tell us how you make the trip to and from work a happy one!

*Fair warning: I have very eclectic taste.

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  1. Excellent! Love this….We will have to compare music sometime. My tastes are equally, if not more eclectic….

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