Incorporating Social Media into Your Job Search

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Everyone knows by now how important it is to have a great resume, but not many people are taking advantage of leveraging social media as part of their overall job search approach.

More and more employers (and recruiters) are bringing social media into the mix when they’re looking for new candidates. So what are the things that will help set you apart?

1) LinkedIn:This is one of those must-haves! At a dead minimum you should have a complete LinkedIn profile but you should also be following companies, joining groups, and participating in discussions wherever you can. This a great way to network and show employers that you not only know your stuff but that you’re pro-active and eager to be involved.

2) Online job boards: Many companies post their open positions to different online job boards and while filling an out application is a start you need to go the extra mile and find a way to follow up (without being intrusive) otherwise you’ll get lost in the shuffle.

3) Infographic Resume: Visual resumes are becoming an increasingly popular trend. They’re a fun and engaging way to a) stand out from the crowd and b) present yourself in a creative, compelling way. Not a graphic designer? Don’t fret; check out some of these apps to help you on your way.

4) Pinterest as an Online CV: This young woman made headlines by turning her Pinterest account into an online resume. Not only did she organize it in such a way that it highlighted her skills and professional accomplishments but she was also able to create boards that gave viewers insight into her personality. And ya know what? She got a few job offers!

5) Work Samples: It’s pretty common to submit a writing sample or examples of past projects in your portfolio for a job interview. However, and this is something I’ve done in the past myself, you should consider creating a piece of work specific to the company and position you’re applying for. For instance, a few years ago I was interviewing for a digital media position and I created a marketing plan around several initiatives I knew would be part of the responsibilities of role. Once I put together my PowerPoint deck, I sent it off to the hiring manager I’d been speaking with with a simple note saying that I was just following up from our last conversation and wanted to share are few ideas. Ultimately, that helped set me apart from the masses and they offered me the job.

How many of you are using social media to enhance your job search? Comment below!

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  1. Yes, social media is great, but is that enough to get you just simply employed? You have to know the person behind the face. So many companies, so I have been told, that LET go the employess because they weren’t a fit personally for the company. I believe in appearances and presentation from once you exit your car to enter the building til you drive off their lot. My opinion. Any yes, I do need a check. 🙂

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