5 Jobs Where Marketing & Technology Overlap

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“If you are a modern marketer, you’ve really got to understand how [marketing technology] tools can work for you and help you engage the customer.”

-Duane Schulz, VP of Marketing Operations at Xerox.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for marketers to understand various marketing technologies’ uses and how they can enhance marketing efforts. Technology options in the marketing world are always evolving, moving the field forward constantly. Anyone who isn’t adapting will be left behind; so much so, that even CIO’s are wondering if they may someday report to CMOs.

Hopefully you’ve realized how much marketing and technology overlap (if not, you’d better read up!). These days, if anyone calls themselves a marketer, they should at least have a cursory knowledge of marketing automation technologies, analytics technologies and social media, to name a few.

5 Marketing Technology (Martec) Jobs

The below jobs are great examples of professionals whose functions are 100 percent in the marketing realm, but require specialized technical skills:

  1. Email Marketing Specialist / Marketing Automation Specialist – These professionals are responsible for creating, monitoring and optimizing their company’s email marketing campaigns. They need technical know-how for whichever marketing automation software their company uses as well as savvy persuasive marketing skills, an understanding of how to effectively A/B test, and knowledge of how to nurture and score leads. An email marketing specialist’s ultimate goal is to influence and generate revenue, while also being able to prove it.
  2. UX/UI Designers – These professionals together are responsible for creating engaging interfaces that lead users intuitively through a desired journey, usually on a web site. UX designers study how users move through and use a product. They watch users’ experience with the product and take note of any stumbling blocks in their path; and they use this knowledge to design a smooth experience for users. UI designers then ensure the layout of a product reflects the journey laid out by UX designers. These professionals both have a profound impact on how potential leads interact with and convert on web sites – something very important to digital marketers.
  3. 3D Printing/CAD Designers – CAD designers and 3D printing professionals use specialized technology to create visually interesting and compelling displays that guide consumers to purchase from their brand. Think especially of fashion retailers with intricate models and props for window displays. CAD designers convert product designs into digital blueprints, which 3D printers then use to create real objects.
  4. eCommerce Marketing Specialists – These professionals need to understand business marketing strategies as well as how to use technology to generate online sales. They oversee a consumer’s online journey from browsing products to selecting and purchasing. They must understand the full picture as well as how to pinpoint any problem areas. When a problem area is identified, eComm specialists must dial in to find the issue costing their company a sale and improve the consumer’s experience, thus the likelihood of completing their purchase.
  5. Data Analysts – Data analysts are integral to modern marketing teams in that they help determine the true impact of marketing campaigns, so the rest of their team can understand what did and didn’t work to improve their next effort. Analysts do so by defining key performance indicators, using available technologies to create reports that capture the right data, interpreting data collected, and helping marketing managers digest the numbers behind their strategies.

These are, of course, just a few examples of how technology and marketing overlap. For nearly every modern marketing position, you can’t get by without some sort of technology. Because it’s always changing and improving, marketing is an exciting place to be! You’ll never be bored and won’t find yourself lacking a challenge.

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