3 Tips to Land Your Dream Internship!

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As we all know, summer internships are a terrific way to showcase your talent to a potential employer, network with professionals in your chosen industry, and most importantly, learn about yourself! Through exposure to the ins and outs of this process over the last few summers, I’ve picked up some practical tips that are sure to help you land the internship of a lifetime.

1. Attend a career fair

Most universities host a career fair in both the fall and spring semesters. There are hundreds of opportunities available at these events, but it is up to you to prove to recruiters that you have what it takes! Research the list of companies early on and make a list of the ones you wish to speak to, print out hard copies of your resume and dress to impress.

2. Go where you can see yourself

Summer internships are a great way to learn about yourself both professionally and personally. Have you ever considered living in a big city? Now is your time to try it out! Successful internships may lead to future employment, so it is recommended that you apply for positions in a location that you can see yourself living after graduation.

3. Leave a lasting impression

As cliché as it may sound, be yourself! Show that company that you will be a vital part of their organization. Prepare yourself for an interview by asking questions, doing research, and knowing what you want from the experience. Once the interview is over, make sure the employer knows how much you care. Make sure to thank the interviewer for their time and ask about further steps with a follow up email or a handwritten note.

Internships are a huge stepping stone to what most college students refer to as the “real world.” Make sure to use these experiences to decide what aspects of a company are most important to you.

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