The Millennialisms: Quick Tips for Managing Millennials

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The Millennial takeover has arrived. That’s right. As of 2015, Millennials are the largest proportion of the workforce. Technology and positive economic conditions have made the world of work different for this group – and many employers are feeling the resulting intergenerational tension.

You might be feeling it to. Don’t sweat it. Adecco is coming to the rescue with a few tips on how to survive the many Millennial-isms that affect your company’s culture.

Millennialism #1: Life > Work

While Millennials have an adolescent image, many are in their 30’s. The youthful image is likely derived from the decision to delay major milestones in adulthood like marriage, children and home ownership. These delays allow Millennials to amass more disposable income with less responsibility than any generation before them. The result?

On average, Gen Y is more concerned with getting the most out of life and less concerned with climbing a corporate ladder. Don’t panic. Millennials will still work hard for your organization. Just follow these tips:

  • Use software like Planday to help employees maintain a proper work/life balance
  • Be flexible when appropriate.

Millennialism #2: Tech Native Nation

If technology were a continent, Millennials would be the native people. This generation has a unique relationship with technology when compared to the rest of the workforce. As a result, Millennials are extremely tech savvy and almost always connected. Businesses can easily leverage this using these tips:

  • Have seasoned employees partner with younger Millennials to collaborate and learn from each other.
  • Pilot remote work days or programs. Use programs like Slack to keep tabs on productivity.

Millennialism #3: How did I do?

Millennials crave feedback. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but they don’t work in a vacuum. They work with Gen X and Baby boomers; two generations with fiercely independent work styles. The desire for collaboration and constructive criticism can come off as unpolished.

It’s not all bad news. Millennials answer e-mails out at midnight, take calls anywhere and see co-workers as friends. Employer’s can benefit from embracing the increase in productivity and positivity by:

  • Encouraging a culture of feedback; both constructive and affirming.
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration using tools like Idea Flip

Millennialism #4: We are the world…

Millennials are creating a culture of care. This generation attempts to be socially conscious in their decision-making process, from the groceries they buy to the company they work for. You can harness this passion at your company if you:

  • Use survey tools to ask your employees about the causes that inspire them. Make a move to support those causes with time, talent or treasure.
  • Encourage staff to be charitable. Using social fundraising apps like Just Giving to raise money collaboratively.

Millennialism #5: Here today, Gone the next

Many Millennials sat front and center as their parents went through layoffs and underemployment. The age of long-term job security died. As a result, this generation is much more likely to switch jobs. Concurrently, education has been heralded as key to success. If you want to retain Millennials, you’ll have to:

  • Create clear career paths. Millennials want to know they can succeed in your environment.
  • Educate your staff. When you can, send people to training and subsidize classes. Use sites like Pluralsight. for an accessible and less expensive alternative.

These Millennialisms are only part of the picture. Download our full report “The Millennial Mindset: Lifestyle, Balance and Technology” for more tips and an in-depth dive into Millennial management.

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