National Employ Older Workers Week

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This week, Adecco Staffing USA is celebrating National Employ Older Workers Week. We took a closer look at this demographic and want to share our results on how the 55 and older population is shaping the workforce of tomorrow.

In a recent survey*, we discovered that 91 percent of hiring managers associated mature workers with being reliable employees and 88 percent described this demographic as professional.  Furthermore, these managers value the writing skills of the mature worker and only 9 percent identified writing as a skill upon which they would need to improve.  Interestingly enough, based on our survey the biggest mistake that mature workers make during an interview was being unable to sell themselves.

Some of the most common reasons why 55+ workers remain in the workplace are to remain financially stable, to receive benefits, to stay active in their communities and to maintain their independence, according to the AARP.

At Adecco, we recognize the value that mature workers bring to an organization and view their experience as a stepping stone for continued success.  We’ve developed a video to help mature workers really sell themselves to potential employers and we are also hosting career workshops in our local branches to give one-on-one tips to this growing candidate base.

Our advice to the mature worker population is to recognize that your experience is a plus and to remain confident and open-minded in your job search!

*Adecco Staffing Mature Worker Survey – Telephone survey of 501 hiring managers (those responsible for making hiring decisions at their company, division, group or job), fielded by Braun Research from August 23-30, 2012. Differences between various demographics groups were also explored: Gender and Geographic Region.  Survey results have a margin of error +/- 4.4% for this sample size.

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