Private sector hiring rose in June

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According to the BLS’s latest “The Employment Situation” report, a majority of the nation’s major industry groups reported hiring increases in June, as private sector employment rose by 84,000.

From healthcare to manufacturing, hiring was widespread within most industries last month, as the following sectors, among others, reported employment increases –

  • Finance: Last month, more than 7.7 million professionals were employed within the industry, an increase of roughly 57,000 positions, when compared to June 2011’s seasonally adjusted statistics.
  • Healthcare: Hiring within the industry continued to uptick on a month-to-month basis, as 13,000 new positions were added to the economy in June. A majority of the hiring occurred in outpatient care centers, hospitals, and residential care facilities.
  • Leisure and Hospitality: Nearly 13,000 new jobs were added to the national economy last month, as food services and drinking places accounted for a majority of the hiring, by generating 15,100 new positions.
  • Manufacturing: According to recently released statistics, sector hiring was considerably lower during the second quarter than the first. From January to March, 41,000 new positions, on average, were created on a monthly basis; from April to June, that average dropped to about 10,000.
  • Professional and Business Services: With the addition of 47,000 jobs in June, the sector recovered from the very slight loss seen last month.
  • Temporary Help Services: Hiring continued to rise within the sector in June, as 25,200 new jobs were added to the national economy. Since April, the sector has created 55,500 new jobs.