Five Rockstars of the Job Market

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2014 has shown signs of particular growth – all of which results of key factors, including shifts in the economy and significant current events.

The job market continues to hold strong in a few key industries: healthcare, finance, computer systems and information, and employment services. Although this list isn’t exhaustive, these industries will continue to play a big role in the 2014 job market and the future of the job market altogether. Many positions in these industries require new support roles or other professions that are attainable through a certification process; job seekers should approach large industries with an open mind and consider breaking into new industries through a surplus of emerging support roles.


U.S. News reports that “demand for support staff for top-tier professionals, home health care needs for aging Americans and affordable quality care are driving employment increases throughout health care industry.” With older generations loving longer, the healthcare will steadily increase, in particular in the area of assistants, aides, and other support roles. Inc. reports that the “healthcare sector is expected to create three out of every 10 new jobs in the U.S. over the next decade.”


Openings in the finance industry include credit analysts, financial analysts, and actuaries. These professions have grown at least 5% in the last three years, and are expected to continue rising this year. Moreover, as more individuals look to establishing a secure retirement, there will be an increase and “high demand for securities, commodity contracts, and other investment services […] increasing employment in this sector by 15.8%.”

Computer Systems and Information Industries

In a world driven by technology — and continual advances in tech — jobs that sustain and build on technology are “expected to grow by 40% within the next decade,” according to Inc. One should expect that a variety of jobs will be in high demand, ranging anywhere from engineers, UX/UI developers, network systems, data analysts, extending into the realm of software publishers, and database administration support. We’ll see the Information industry peak as a byproduct of the successful computer systems and design industry; with more technology in the tech space, more intelligent and efficient Information systems will become a big priority.

Employment Services

With the job market a top priority for politicians and development leaders – and a top concern for many Americans – it is no surprise that the industry of employment services also ranks high among top hiring industries for 2014. Employment service positions are able to fulfill a variety of needs for aspiring professionals, hiring managers, large companies, and lean HR staff. It is forecasted that the employment services industry will create “4.5 million new jobs” as a result of an increased demand for intelligent placement of individuals with specific skill sets with the right organizations and companies. One should expect employment services to remain a strong factor in supporting the healing job market.