Why You Should Have a Staff Holiday Party

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During the busy holiday season, putting together yet another event or party can seem like an unwelcome chore. Companies that organize a holiday party, though, will be glad they did – here’s why:

Build relationships

Work functions with an emphasis on fun and socializing seem like an HR nightmare to some – but when conducted properly, they can have a lasting return on investment. Company culture benefits significantly from activities like a holiday party, and it provides a rare opportunity, especially for larger companies, to let employees from different departments and teams get to know one another. For some companies, the end-of-year party is one of the only occasions when everyone is able to get together and meet new faces. This type of low-key socializing is optimal for cross-departmental collaboration and is helpful as employers strive to build a cohesive team within a larger company.

Celebrate achievements

Holiday parties are the perfect time to celebrate your employees and their achievements. Some companies incorporate recognition awards or year-end bonuses into the holiday parties, which are a great way to make sure your employees are happy and taken care of during the holiday season. Many companies today host an end-of-year function that employees look forward to for a long time. Ensure that your company is competitive with this offering by hosting an event that employees truly enjoy and look forward to. By rewarding employees around the holiday season, it shows that you care for your team as individuals and wish them happiness in their personal lives as well – a gesture that can go a long way when employees share their sentiments with their loved ones at home. Support from an employee’s family and friends for their job can turn into a long-time, loyal employee.

Boost morale for the New Year

End-of-year company parties are the ideal time to “close ties” and prepare for the New Year. These events offer an opportunity to look to the future in a company-wide setting. Employers might use the time to discuss future goals at a higher level or to inspire the team for a successful year ahead. Helping your employees close the year on a high note is a great way to help them organize their goals internally and rev up for another quarter and another year.

Company parties don’t have to solely function as an event “for” the employees alone. When planning a company party, simply take the time to ensure that your own goals as an employer are met for the event itself. Are you most interested in going over achievements, or making sure everyone is on the same page for the next year?Decide what would make the event a success for you, and set up an event that reflects those goals. That way, everyone wins.

Employees are people, and people enjoy commemorating the passage of time and celebrating hallmarks. Taking the time to organize an end-of-year holiday celebration is a worthwhile gesture that can maintain a strong company culture, reward your employees, close out the year on a high note and inspire your team for the year ahead.

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