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Sydney Rieckhoff

There’s a lot happening in the world today. It’s easy to feel as though our voices don’t matter. It’s easy to feel buried. But seeds are buried too, and with a little help they can grow into something strong and productive.

What makes a person, a company, or an organization special is their ability to inspire. Their ability to act as a fertilizer to others and help someone or something reach its full potential. I am so thankful to experience this growth through Adecco Staffing, USA as their CEO for One Month.

On Sunday, May 14th, I flew from San Francisco to Jacksonville to attend boot camp as one of the final contestants to be the CEO for One Month! 

I met the five other boot camp participants—each friendly and humble, with a diverse set of experiences that made the rest of us want to listen. From our introduction, it was clear that this would be one of those rare times where a competition felt less like a competition, and more like a collaboration. After a delicious lunch together, we were shuttled to a boardroom in an Adecco office for our first meeting with the President of Adecco Staffing, USA, Joyce Russell. 

I grew up in Iowa, which means I know a little about farming. So, when Joyce stressed the importance for companies to “fertilize” and help the next generation of great leaders grow, I felt right at home.

The next few days were action-packed, enlightening, and exhausting. We met the young, brilliant girls of the Crazy Cat Ladies robotics team, toured different branches of the company, and then led a team of Adecco colleagues in a Mini-Triathlon!

As I stood on stage with my fellow boot campers—accepting the position of CEO for One Month—I saw the smiling faces of the Adecco colleagues I had met over the week. This passionate, genuine, and supportive group showed me not through their words, but through their actions, that Adecco is a company with strong roots. They desire to cultivate success, and have a motivation to fertilize the next generation of leaders.

I am so thankful for this opportunity and have already hit the ground running! Follow my journey through #SydneyC1M as I act as the CEO for One Month of Adecco Staffing, USA!


Sydney is the 2017 CEO for One Month at Adecco Staffing, USA. She is from Cedar Rapids, IA, and is a student at Stanford University, majoring in Economics and Communications. She has a passion for business and is a Co-Owner of Great American Popcorn Company Cedar Rapids.

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