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As the Labor Force Shrinks, Wages Increase

The labor force in the United States is the powerful motor that drives economic growth and makes it possible for companies in different industries to hire a wide range of talent and continue innovating. The U.S. labor force participation rate has been steadily falling for about 20 years and will probably result in some big […] Read Article “As the Labor Force Shrinks, Wages Increase”

team of people discussing december's job market update
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The December US Jobs Report: Mid-Month Analysis

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the December 2017 Jobs Report on Friday, January 5. In our monthly Job Market Update, the report unveiled December was the third consecutive month the unemployment rate sat at 4.1%. According to CNN, this brings the total amount of jobs added to US economy in 2017 to 2 million. […] Read Article “The December US Jobs Report: Mid-Month Analysis”