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How many of you have used an online job board or networking site, such as LinkedIn? Probably almost everyone has by now and it seems like the next phase in job hunting is more digitally focused than ever.  Even Facebook may be getting in on the action.

Online communities called “talent networks” have sprung up across the internet, cleverly marketed as a dedicated destination for recruiters looking to hire in specific industries. But do these talent communities really work? How is it more beneficial to the job seeker? Sure, it’s great for the recruiter or HR professional to have all those like-minded applicants in one place but I’m still not sure it helps the candidates shine.

Then there are more interactive approaches to sourcing new hires, such as the Mashable Online Career Expo. A live virtual event, the career expo allows applicants to submit their resumes and wait in a queue to speak with one of several recruiters from various companies to see if there’s any potential chemistry. Sort of sounds like speed dating (eek!), but overall I think it’s a great concept. It gives employers and job seekers the chance to learn more about one another and make an informed decision.

In reality, job seekers and employers alike have to make themselves present on the internet to stay competitive and stand apart from the crowd. How many of you would attend a virtual event to get your foot in the door? Do you think everything will be online eventually? I’m interested to see what happens after all of these great cyber introductions…what happens when we eventually have to take the conversation offline?

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  1. From personal experience, I found that using popular ‘reputable’ job boards , while a convenient way to search for jobs and submit resumes, generated a lot of spam emails in my inbox. I even got some bogus phishing attempts through the guise of a supposed job opportunity. As my resume has my address and contact numbers of it, not to mention all of my job history, I wasn’t too thrilled that this information could now be in the hands of someone who could try to steel my identity, stalk me or cause me other grief.

    That being said and those security issues addressed, virtual interviewing might have several advantages. First and foremost to me, is as a “no longer in my twenties” job seeker, not having an initial face-to-face interview, just might give me a better chance to get my foot in the door and be a real contender against younger candidates. If this virtual interview is not a visual one, through Skype or the like, I think it would be very advantageous. While age (and looks) discrimination is supposedly no longer legal, the practice still continues; employers are just more discreet about it. It would level the playing field. I for one, feel I often write better than I speak. I think this is primarily because I have a minute or two to gather my thoughts and can pen them to paper; I don’t have to worry about my facial expressions and having to appear poised. I feel my answers are better composed and I convey more confidence. In a face to face interview, the interviewer has a greater probability of making a snap decision about you just based on your looks and body language whether they are an accurate assessment or not.

    1. I definitely agree with you on more than one topic! Your looks can either help or hurt you! All the fake job opportunities on the internet are pretty much just trying to take advantage of people seeking work! There’s always always someone trying to make a profit off of innocent people!

    2. In addition to all that has been said about the current online application process, I have to add another couple of “sneaky” disqualification techniques most places have adopted. They know they cannot ask your age outright, so they ask the date you graduated from college. Most times you cannot proceed with the online application without filling in the date. Another question I have seen is “Are you over 18 but under 40?” That question is usually one of the very last questions on the application. If you tell the truth, since you are over 40, I feel that is probably an immediate disqualification. It seems those places think that someone who is a little older could not possibly keep up. That is definitely not true! It’s so frustrating!

      I’m 58 years old and have been trying to find a decent job that pays a “living” wage for the past three years. I just keep filling out applications and lowering my expectations…and keep praying.

  2. I feel more comfortable meeting the employer face to face. This allows both the employer and me to determine if the position would be the right fit and if my skills would meet the requirements of that position. My information would be more private and would only be shared with legitmate companies that are doing the hiring..

  3. I think that meeting potential employers online could be a quick and easy way to know if you and that company have the right chemistry. Meeting face to face will always be a great way to look the employer in the eyes and it doesn’t hurt to be as attractive as possible to catch an eye! Even if it is just for employment! Sometimes a guy or gal has to do what they have to do to gain a competitive edge on others. It does sound a little shallow …. I know but if it works, why not?

  4. I get job updates from about 6 different job search sites daily and have went to numerous career fairs, I use LinkedIn, but have not got anything, no interviews, I rarely get a no thank you we have filed the position email or letter, and jobs on LinkedIn are usually in some other state or country. the only way I got a job is through Manpower and I have been working for almost 16 months at the same place as a temp. The last job fair I went to said the outlook to get a job were extremely good , I handed out 10 resumes, followed up with thank you emails, and never heard from any of them. So, what other options are there for me.

  5. Online and social media is going to be the future for job search. You wont be surprised to see your not just your job posting and job applications limited to online community. Closer are the days where online screening and assessments would be preferred to make an offer. So being present online and waiting for employer to get screened is a fair idea to save our time and cost.

    1. Yes Ravi I agree with you, social media play important role for job hunting it is also better source to connect with some other professionals and make relationship with them.

  6. I am trying to apply for a job on the adeccousa site and it will not upload my resume(.doc), it just hangs in upload mode. Is there someone I can contact?

    1. You can go to the website and click office locator at the bottom and find the office closest to you and call them.

  7. I have been a stay at home mom since 2007 and have been out of the workforce. I recently have tried to get back into the workforce but so far no luck. Now they won’t even talk to you if you have not worked in the past 6 months and have experience. I think it is not fair because there are a lot of people out there that have been out of the workforce for different reasons and they should be given a fair chance. I am a hard honest worker that would be a great employee for someone. I don’t have a degree or anything but I have work experience from my past. No wonder there is so many people that is unemployed!

  8. I have been applying to jobs on the Adecco sight online, and I haven’t received any responses?? I have posted a Resume, and I am a Responsible, Dependable, Hard Working Individual. I don’t understand why I am not getting accepted to these jobs?

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