Top Innovation Conferences of 2015

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Are you looking to bring new ideas to your company in 2015? Do you want to increase your customer satisfaction and revenue by thinking out of the box? If so, considering attending an innovation conference in 2015. Many industries have moved from standard format conferences to ones focused on the latest ideas to help your business stand out from competitors. To help you pick the right conference for your needs, we have compiled 5 innovation conferences throughout the county in 2015.

Big Data Analytics, Management, and Innovation 2015 International Conference (@advenaworld)

January 22, 2015 – Atlanta, GA

The big draw for this event is that attendees can present their projects and ideas to the top experts in the data and management industry to get feedback. The best part is that you will get instant feedback to help you refine and further develop your ideas. In addition, the conference includes a variety of sessions on topics including web analytics, design strategies and big data. To make an interesting conference, even more attractive, the registration fees are reasonable and at $200 for attendee and $350 to present your ideas.

Innovation Leaders International Forum 2015 (@advenaworld)

February, 26 2015 – Washington, DC

This is a similar conference in format (and hosted by the same company) as Big Data Analytics and Management, but the Innovative Leaders Forum is geared more towards leadership and general business. Experts at this conference will be in leadership, entrepreneurship, management, economics, engineering and information technology, research, consultancy and advocacy. In between sightseeing in our nation’s capital, you can schedule to present your idea to receive feedback as well as attend a wide range of presentations.

Innovation Forum 2015 (@TheEconomist)

March 26, 2015 – Chicago, Illinois

If you are looking to disrupt the status quo, the smart folks at The Economist invite you to join Fortune 500 CEO’s, policymakers and entrepreneurs at this event. Topics include exponential technologies, frugal engineering and radical business mode. One of the goals is to help larger businesses take the lessons we learn from startups and figure out how to apply those principals into an enterprise structure. Instead of just listening to sessions, this conference touts that it will help create an interactive atmosphere and lively debate among participates.

PD+I (Product Design Innovation) 2015 (@pdesigni)

May 20-21, 2015 – London, England

Want to learn strategies for innovative project design from people all over the Globe? Then you should head to this conference featuring brands and experts from across England. The conference targets professionals in financing, advertising and management consulting. If your company markets internationally, this is also a great place to network with other global companies to build partnerships and potential customers. And as an added bonus, late spring is a great time to sight see in Europe.

Tech Connect World Innovation Conference & Expo

June 14-17 – Washington, DC

The goal of this event is to speed up the process of research resulting into actual products. This program helps companies become a part of the Innovation Partnering Program, the largest global technology accelerator program. Productive innovators, funding agencies, national and federal labs, international research organizations, universities, tech transfer offices and investment and corporate partners should mark their calendars for this large event. Hands on workshops start of the event on topics in specific industries, such as hospitality, nano science, and bio tech.

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