Unemployment and Job Creation Trends: Super Tuesday Edition

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Super_Tuesday_Graphic_v1[1]On one of the biggest days of the year in politics, we also have to wonder how will job and unemployment activity in these key states and the candidate’s positions affect delegate’s votes. So, what’s happening in each of the job markets for these important states?

We took a look at the unemployment rates across all of these states and the consensus is this: while unemployment is down across the board, its still significantly higher in Alabama, Georgia, and Alaska. The one thing they all have in common is that the major industries in those areas (oil and manufacturing top that list) have experienced significant decline without any major resurgence.

Interestingly, the Super Tuesday states are doing better on the unemployment front overall.

In this article by Chris Matthews from Fortune.com that was released this morning, I think he says it best, “No matter who wins, when the results of Super Tuesday are in, we’ll have a better idea of whether the unemployment rate, and wages and housing is as important to voters as they say, or whether this is finally the election where it’s stupid to say it’s just the about the economy.”

Only time will tell.

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